what business insurance do you need for your business

Whether you run a small family-owned business or one on a greater scale, you’ll need to evaluate your options of insurance and what will fit your needs. Here at Advocate Insurance, we handle multiple types of business insurance.

The first two types of insurance that may be similar to personal insurances, such as homeowner and auto insurance, are commercial auto and commercial property insurance. Both of these insurances are specified to cover the business aspect of the property and automobile that are used to perform functions relating to the business side.

The next insurance we have available is commercial general liability insurance, which will help business owners in cases of injury and covers many of the common risks that can happen to any type of business, such as bodily injury or property damage on the business premises or due to the business operations, personal and advertising injury, and medical payments.

The last, but one of the most important coverages, is worker compensation. As much as you try to protect your employees from the dangers presented on the job, there will always be cases where accidents occur and danger is not 100% avoidable. In the unfortunate cases where a worker is unable to provide a service to you, due to injury received at work, they will need coverage for the income they’re losing and the bills that have struck them. With worker compensation on the rise as of April 1st, 2018, it may be a smart move to read about it and check out ways to save your business money while also looking out for employees.

Did you know that in Pennsylvania, a 5% reduction can be applied to your Worker Comp premium? Call us to learn more about this business savings initiative.

When you check out our business owner package, as a business owner, you are provided the basic insurances that are mentioned above. Don’t take a risk in harming your business; learn more about the insurances that can affect you, your staff, and what could help or hurt your business overall.

Advocate Insurance has over 20 years experience in the safety risk management and employee productivity fields. We also have the experience to help with your commercial insurance needs as well as car insurance and home owners insurance. We have assisted individuals in and around Reading PA with car insurance and home owners insurance. We assist businesses in Reading PA and around the Berks County area with risk management and safety training services.