get your car ready for your summer vacation with preparations and auto insurance

We all know what auto insurance is, but do you understand what each part of your policy means? When reviewing your policy, it may be a little confusing to understand, but we’re here to help explain parts of the policy.

First of all, you should know what the different types of auto insurance are and what each one entails. Let’s run through a quick list of some of the most common types provided.

  • Collision Coverage: The most common type of insurance that’s used for collisions when on the road. This includes running into other vehicles, walls or guardrails, barriers or roadblocks, and similar structures.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This is essentially any damage that isn’t the fault of a direct collision or accident. This includes your car being broken into, catching on fire, and more occurrences that don’t involve on-the-road accidents.
  • Liability Coverage: This coverage is used solely when you’re at fault for the incident that occurred. This includes such damage to someone else’s vehicle or property.
  • Medical Payments: Similarly to liability coverage, this is used to cover any medical expenses that the driver or passenger of another vehicle has if you cause an accident.

There are a variety of other types of auto insurance out there, but these are the basic 4 that most drivers will rely on when caught in the unfortunate.

Remember, you shouldn’t head out on the road without ensuring you’re protected by the right insurance plan. If you take the risk, you could end up paying for potential damages straight from your wallet and could even be sued if serious harm or injury occurs. In the state of Pennsylvania, by law it’s required that, at minimum, you have coverage for bodily injury and property damage liability.

If you have questions about the type of coverage we have available, contact us! It’s hard to understand the ins and outs of every coverage plan, but we’re able to assist you when needed.