fove people passing around food at a feast

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with the U.S. fire departments responding to an estimated 1,630 cooking fires on Thanksgiving. With this you want to be cautious be aware of some fire safety tips.

Smoke Detectors

When was the last time you changed the batteries in your smoke detectors? Now is the time! Maybe you forget to set the timer or you get distracted and don’t check the oven in time, either way a smoke detector can save lives! Make sure yours are in working order!

Stay in The Kitchen

While we mentioned making sure your smoke detectors are in working order, one way you can be aware of the items you’re cooking is staying close by. Attend to all of your other tasks before you begin cooking, or ask a family member to take care of something you can’t. This way you can keep your focus on the task at hand – cooking a delicious meal!

Be Aware of Candles

Many people love to burn candles when they have guests over, it helps make a house smell amazing! While this is great, you want to be aware of where you set them up. Avoid areas where a child could reach it, or your pet’s tail could hit it. Also, be aware of what is around the candle and keep it away from anything that is flammable.

Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance

You may not realize it but right before the holidays is a great time to review your homeowner’s insurance. Just in case an unfortunate incident happens, you will know it is covered!

Remember to keep these fire safety tips in mind, and we hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving! And, remember us for all of your insurance needs.


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