You have a house and a car and you need insurance for both of them. Have you ever considered bundling them? Bundling insurance policies is when you buy multiple insurance policies with one provider. Many homeowners will bundle their auto insurance with their homeowner’s insurance. Is this beneficial? Let’s review.


  • Most insurance companies will offer a discount if you bundle policies together.
  • Bundling makes it simpler on you so you only have one provider you need to work with.


  • You will save money at first, but they will start to raise the rates. Because of this, we encourage that you shop around for insurance at least every two years.
  • You may not be comparing costs between the policies. Know how much each policy is going to cost you individually compared to when it’s bundled.

When you’re shopping around for insurance bundles, do your research and review more than one insurance companies bundle. Working with Advocate Insurance can help with this! We work with many different insurance companies and can provide you with multiple quotes to make sure you’re getting the best policy for your needs.

We are conveniently located in Reading, PA and provide our services to individuals throughout all of Berks County. Whether it is home or auto, we look forward to helping you find the best insurance policy for your needs.