We help businesses of all sizes with compliance and risk management issues.

Our risk management and consulting services include:

  • Business Emergency Preparedness/Business Continuity: according to the American Red Cross, 94% of small business owners believe an emergency will occur within the next two years, yet up to 40% of businesses don’t survive an emergency, with 80% going out of business if not back up in a month. We can help to ensure continuity through an emergency.
  • OSHA Compliance and WSE: inspection prep, site audits, OSHA follow-up management, and GHS program management.
  • Hazard Assessment Programs: Law Enforcement, Gas, Noise, Liquid, Chemical, and HazMat training.
  • Environmental and Air / Water Quality: Norovirus
  • Current Issues Training: Security and Violence in the workplace (what policies are written, what training has been done, and who is part of the first responder team.)
  • risk managementEmployee Protection Programs, Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, School Assessment Programs
  • “Guest” Employee Consulting
  • Monthly Inspection Services

We also provide ideas
that will help lower
your risk exposure.

Here are a few:

  • Safety Committee function and challenges.
  • PA L&I savings (earn 5% when your Safety Committee is certified.)
  • Free analysis of current WC rates and exposure.
  • Trainings – over 420 courses delivered in the delivery channel of your choosing.
  • OSHA compliance and regulation updates.


Workplace Safety

Want to improve your bottom line? Consider the following:

A growing number of initiatives and studies are embracing the idea that establishing a true culture of employee safety and wellness in the workplace is dependent on the integration of health protection and health promotion efforts. Leading experts in both the health and safety professional communities are building programs around the concept that health activities impact safety and safety activities impact health. While employers have made great strides in creating a workplace safety culture in their employees, many theorize that they could be more powerful if integrated safety/health/wellness merge into a truly sustainable and integrated culture.

In an effort to better understand how the environment for integrating health and safety in the workplace, studies have demonstrated there is an economic factor that proves positive impact.


Cyber Fencing

Attacks Happen Everyday

Criminals freeze your network, website, or app, holding your company hostage and forcing you to pay a large ransom before they release it! Your sensitive data, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers and more are stolen and sold on the black market to be used for identity theft! Your client’s personal and credit card information are stolen and used for fraudulent purchases! Your medical records are breached, leaving you with the burden of paying excessive fines and legal fees!

risk management

50% of all small businesses in the Untied States have experienced a cyber attack. (This percentage includes only companies that have actually reported being attacked, many go

60% of hacked small to medium sized companies go out of business within six months of the attack.

70% of all cyber attacks specifically target small to medium sized businesses. Many of these companies lack the most current security safeguards, making them “easy prey” for criminals.

Don’t Be The Next Victim!

Do you know the impact and your financial exposure to potential security incidents?
risk management

Cyber Security risks are bringing up serious business questions such as:

$ How much would a cyber-attach cost my business?
$ How much cyber insurance should I purchase?
$ What’s the smartest way to spend our security dollars?

These questions are hard to answer.

That’s why we are delivering solutions

risk management, cyber plus

Advocate Insurance, an insurance and risk management firm based in Reading, PA is among the first to deliver CyberPlus to their clients through an agreement with SMP Consulting Group. “With a growing focus on cyber security, we are delighted to have this tool made available to us to better serve our clients. In this ever changing world of data breaching, we are always seeking solutions to help our clients make informed decisions”, states Dale Rothenberger, General Manager at Advocate Insurance. “We know how important it is to have the most advanced technology in the field. That is why we are so proud to provide this highly effective tool. A CyberPlus assessment will give your management team the ability of predicting possible loss, assessing potential costs and identifying effective solutions. Why would any company’s executive team risk so much by not knowing all the facts? The CyberPlus assessment tool will help your team manage your company’s cyber exposure. We highly recommend the CyberPlus program” adds Dale.

Please give me a call today to discuss your risk management plans and how CyberPlus will help protect your business.

Speaking Topics
With the world changing so rapidly, many business and government organizations are at a loss of how to incorporate these new technologies into their operational and customer-facing activities.

A business exists for one goal: to create sales and make a profit. Yet most sales teams are using 10-year old tactics in selling,  and most sales people don’t know how to prospect.

Below are some speaking topics we can come to your business and speak to your team about.

  • Is your business in transformation?
  • Why the world of selling has changed.
  • Who’s my target and how do I reach them?
  • Turn cold calling into warm connections.
  • What’s my Value Proposition (can I differentiate who we are from the competition?)
  • How to overcome the price objection
  • Is selling a skill or an art?
  • Is there a method to Prospecting for New Business (how to build a sales plan that works)?
  • How to effectively Close the Sale
  • Presentation Skills
  • Handling Objections
  • Developing Credibility and Trust
  • Consultative Selling
  • Hearing No is just the beginning of selling
  • The qualification funnel – what’s it important to disqualify a prospect early in the selling continuum
  • Using LinkedIn as a business channel and an effective lead generation tool.
  • Why direct mail doesn’t work, and how to use integrated marketing to grow your business.
  • Effective tradeshow marketing and selling
  • Communication channels to reach your constituency today.
  • Employee Performance Discussions – Effective Hiring and Job Rating Indicators (ie, the subtle things that cost you dearly to employ the wrong person).
  • Temporary Worker Responsibilities – It ain’t what it used to be.


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