In this day and age, there are many new and problematic issues that can happen, especially when you’re out in public. There have been a variety of new and old worries for business and establishments including active shooters, fires, and natural disasters. Our risk management service helps you identify possible hazards and complete programs to make sure your staff is ready for the unthinkable.

We want to mainly focus on churches in this blog. There are plenty of standards that could be put in place to help prevent risks or protect people in the scenario of an emergency. This includes:

Security Measurements
One of the least common precautions at a church is providing security or locking the doors during service. Church is seen as an open and welcoming place that encourages people to come through their doors, but a lack of security may put others at risk. Your congregation may want to consider adding cameras around the building.

Volunteer and Staff Training

Tying in with security measurements, your staff and any volunteers should be informed and taught with exercises that help to prepare them in case of any emergency. This could include practicing emergency drills weekly or informing them of separate entrances and exits.

Emergency Exits

Lastly, your church should have plenty of exits other than the front door. It’s not likely that someone will try to use other exits, other than the front as they’re leaving. If you inform attendees of the other exits in the building, this could help in case they would need to evacuate swiftly and efficiently.

Planning and Training

Since most Active Shooter events last less than ten minutes and Police arrival is on average twelve to fifteen minutes, planning for and training key personnel in campus security is now a part of any Emergency Response Plan. The recommended training today is ALICE, and it is recommended that key personnel and volunteers be trained in these elements of care.

These are only a few precautions that can be set in place. There are plenty of other ways to help prevent an emergency. Don’t ignore the situation simply because you don’t think it could happen around your location. Be proactive! If you’d like us to help make your church safer, contact us today!

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