protect your identity

After the holiday rush and the festive decorations are torn down, you have to focus back on the end of the year objectives and that includes your IRS filings. Whether you decide to file them and send them in physically or digitally is up to you, but you should also be prepared and safe this tax season.

When it comes to physical filing, there are fewer opportunities for the returns to end up in someone else’s hands, but with online fraud becoming a more well-known crime, there may be the situation where someone has used your own information already to receive the returns. The IRS recommends E-Filing online, but with that should come extra security factors. You should update your passwords often, use internet security, and update your phone and computer to the latest version before filing.

It’s harder to catch someone over the internet when committing tax fraud, and the likelihood of someone committing tax fraud with your physical items is harder, but still present. Not only is making sure you are secure before filing your taxes a good idea, but it is also a good idea to check all your papers to guarantee they are in order and that you are able to file.

The materials needed may vary depending on if you are filing single or jointly, but you should make sure you have all the papers needed before tax season starts. Some of these forms include your W-2, 1099, and also the information from the variety of income you have gained due to things such as unemployment, rental property, local and state tax refunds, etc. Not only will it save you some energy looking for everything later, but it will be a smooth ride filing and proceeding with your tax returns.

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