lets talk about auto insurance coverage

Everyone has auto insurance, but do you know what coverage your auto insurance provides? Different types of coverage support you in different scenarios that you may find yourself in. You should figure out what auto insurance suits you best when choosing.

The common types of coverage will have noticeable differences depending on what you find yourself needing. The most common insurance is collision coverage, which covers you in the case of a crash where you hit another car or object. Comprehensive coverage will cover your car if it’s broken into, set on fire, or vandalized. Liability coverage, which is usually mandated by law, covers the damage that resulted in a crash found to be your fault.

There is no direct coverage that covers all your needs, but for the unfortunate occurrence you should be prepared with what you need. It has been studied that over the course of a lifetime, a driver will have about four car accidents. Whether you’re on the low or high end, you want to make sure you’re protected.

Not only can you be fined for driving without insurance, if you end up in a crash, you’ll have to pay for all damage out of pocket. That’s not all. If you cause extensive damage or injure the other driver, you could be sued. Is it really worth driving uninsured?

If you have any questions about auto insurance or want to find out what fits you, contact us today! We want to make sure you find a plan you’re happy with and help make sure you’re not cruising the roads uninsured. We have worked with many individuals in and around Reading PA find the right auto insurance for their needs.