When owning a vehicle, you need to have auto insurance. Contact Advocate Insurance to discuss your auto insurance needs.

Auto insurance may feel like a hassle at times. The monthly or yearly payments may seem like they’re a ticking time bomb in your account, until they come in handy. Unfortunately, accidents and roadway collisions may occur whether we are careful or not. That is why you can’t ignore auto insurance, but you can try some tips to save you a few extra dollars!

First, you want to look at the car you drive. Whether it be a beater you run around in or a sweet Mustang you want to show around town, your choice of car will ultimately affect your premiums. An easy and mindful tip is to drive safely! Put down your phone, check your mirrors, and make sure your seatbelt is tight because not only can driving safely affect you and other drivers, it can also provide benefits. Along with benefits that can be gained by safe driving, make sure to check out your auto insurance company and find out if you can take advantage of discounts to save you your hard-earned dollars.

Not only should you remember these small tips, but look around and see if there is a better plan that can work for you. Such an example is pay-per-mile, only offered in some states including Pennsylvania, which means if you are one that likes to drive less, than as a result you get to pay less. If you only use the car for driving to work, find out if you could take a bus instead. Not only can you save on your auto insurance, but also with gas prices rising, you can save on that too.

If you would like to learn more and get help with your own auto insurance, contact Advocate Insurance to help you stress less and keep more in your pocket!

Advocate Insurance has over 20 years experience in the safety risk management and employee productivity fields. We also have the experience to help with your commercial insurance needs as well as car insurance and home owners insurance. We have assisted individuals in and around Reading PA with car insurance and home owners insurance. We also assist businesses in Reading PA and around the Berks County area with risk management and safety training services.