get your car ready for your summer vacation with preparations and auto insurance

It could be your yearly vacation down to the beach, a visit to your relatives across the country or even a day trip to the city! No matter the plan, road trips are fun — jamming along to the music with your window down and the air blowing in on a cool summer day. Just make sure you’re prepared if any problems occur along the way.

The most important priority before embarking on your road trip is to check up on your tires, gas, oil, etc. Fill up the tank, make sure you have oil, and put some air in those tires! Chances are you’ll need to stop for gas, but the other necessities for your car to run, can be done in advance. The next best thing is to sweep out your car and to throw out any bottles or papers inside. You could even create a trash can with a trash bag in the back for the road trip.

Another crucial idea, which you may already have handy, is to have some extra parts and tools in the trunk. Usually, there’s a spot in the car for a spare tire and sometimes even a jack and socket wrench in the event of a flat tire. You don’t want to overburden yourself and weigh the car down, but pick out a few items you feel are necessary in the case of a breakdown or emergency. You can even purchase a car emergency kit, which should have everything you need in the event of an incident.

Hopefully, these few tips will help with your drive ahead, but there are plenty more not listed! One more thing you want to make sure is in order is your auto insurance. Contact Advocate Insurance today to review your policy before you hit the road.

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