Be safe - wear a mask throughout Reading PA

As the state starts to open up from Covid-19, more and more people are venturing out and supporting their local businesses. This is great, but you also need to make sure you are staying safe and practicing social distancing. In this blog, we cover a few things you want to remember to continue doing.


While some places don’t require you to wear a mask, others do. In the end, until COVID-19 is no longer a threat, it is smart to continue wearing your masks.


Whether or not you are concerned about COVID-19, it is always a smart idea to sanitize. Keep sanitizer on you or in your vehicle and be proactive about using it…especially when you are at a high-traffic location.

Keep Your Distance

Remember personal space, especially while we get through this pandemic be wise of social distancing. If you’re out and about, maintain your distance from those around you.

When You Get Home

It’s a smart idea for you to wash your hands right away when you get home. While sanitizing is great while you’re out and about, there is nothing like a good hand washing to wash the germs away. Remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds!

In the end, as long as you practice social distancing and continue with proper hygiene, you will help stop the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to support your favorite local businesses.

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