do you need Commercial Property Insurance

For our business we always want a peace of mind that, in the chance it’s hit with a disaster, we’re covered. That’s why you should know the importance of Commercial Property Insurance along with the ins and outs that come with it.

Commercial Property Insurance is mainly used to cover a company and its belongings if they are damaged, stolen, or tampered with in a multitude of kinds of incidents. Unfortunately, in some cases disasters such as earthquakes and floods may not be covered, but you should check with your insurance provider firsthand. Some incidents it does cover include fires, break-ins, and other similar situations.

There are different factors that can affect how much it will cost and how much it may affect your premium, which may also depend on what happened. From the location of your business to the type of business can affect the price. When you think about it, a school may have more things to worry about compared to an office building. It can depend on the belongings you have, what you use appliance wise, and the services you provide in the building.

The main idea of Commercial Property Insurance is to make sure after the incident that you don’t owe too much and your business can be re-opened as soon as possible. We offer a free analysis of risk to coverage, along with a free two-hour safety walk-through of your business operations.

If you would like to take advantage of our Risk Management consulting, just give us a call.