When owning a vehicle, you need to have auto insurance. Contact Advocate Insurance to discuss your auto insurance needs.

Auto insurance may feel like a hassle at times. The monthly or yearly payments may seem like they’re a ticking time bomb in your account, until they come in handy. Unfortunately, accidents and roadway collisions may occur whether we are careful or not. That is why you can’t ignore auto insurance, but you can try some tips to save you a few extra dollars! First, you want to look at the car you drive. Whether it be a beater you run around in or a sweet Mustang you want to show around town, your choice of car will ultimately affect your premiums. An easy andRead More →

Workplace safety is something every business owner needs to think about and safety training classes can help with that. Contact Advocate Insurance in Reading, PA to discuss how we can help with your safety training classes.

Ensuring your employees’ workplace safety is key for the health of your business. It is not something that you should neglect, and if you are in an industry that has high risk for employee injuries if not trained properly, you need to worry about that. Well trained employees know how to use their equipment properly without risking their own safety or the safety of anyone around them. With these thoughts in mind, having a workplace safety course set up that each of your employees must go through is important. Also, safety training ensures an employee knows how to use their machinery properly before they useRead More →

Are you prepared if a disaster would hit? We can help you create a disaster plan. Contact Advocate Insurance today.

It is important to be prepared in the event of a disaster. No matter the size or type of disaster, it is vital to make sure there is a plan in place for your business. Below are a few things you can do today when preparing your business for a disaster. First and foremost, purchase commercial insurance to protect your business. Take a look at our previous blog on what type of insurance you should have for your business. Have first aid kits and safety equipment on site. Take a day to train your employees so they know how to use them. Having your staffRead More →

Advocate Insurance can assist you in finding any type of business insurance you may need for your business.

So, you own a business or are thinking about starting a business and you are wondering what commercial insurance do I really need? We wanted to help you determine what commercial insurance you need by providing you with some important information on each. Let’s discuss… General Liability Insurance – This type of insurance is important, no matter what type of business you own. It will protect you if your product or services cause any bodily injury or property damage to a third party. Property Insurance – Do you own your building that your business is in? Or do you rent a location and have equipment,Read More →

Depending on your type of business, you may be required to have workplace safety guidelines. Advocate Insurance can help you create those guidelines.

Workplace Safety is essential to implement in your office. No matter what type of industry your business is in, it is still very important to have a workplace safety policy and guidelines. Here are a few guidelines your employees should already know; if not, contact Advocate Insurance to discuss what workplace safety guidelines you need. Guideline 1 – Know Your Surroundings This holds true for every employee. They need to know what is in their surroundings and what may end up being a potentially hazardous situation. Guideline 2 – Take Your Breaks While employers in Pennsylvania are not required to give their employees breaks, itRead More →


We don’t often think about insurance coverage until we need it. With the recent events and news coverage, here’s an update for Gun Owner Insurance and Business Owners alike. AS A GUN OWNER: Most homeowners’ policy covers many types of liability claims that can include gun-related accidents. “Accident,” here, is key. Under a traditional HO-3 form there is no specific gun-related exclusion. There is, however, an “Expected or intended injury” exclusion, which itself contains an exception for “use of reasonable force by an ‘insured’ to protect persons or property.” Therefore, under the HO policy some coverage: would be available for the accidental firing of aRead More →