Drive safe in the winter and make sure you have the right kind of car insurance.

Farmer’s Almanac says we are in for a rough winter. Are you ready to get out your heavy coat and start sipping hot chocolate on the weekends? Whether you’re a fan of the cold or not, you’ll want to make sure your insurance is up-to-date so you’re covered over the next few months.

Homeowners Insurance
To ensure your house doesn’t take a beating during these freezing months, you’ll want to take some precautions. Talk to your insurance provider to find out what your homeowners insurance covers; there are also a few common precautions to take. If you’re going to be busy and away from home, a security system might be a smart purchase.

Weather can also cause devastating issues. These could include hail damage, freezing pipes, and fallen trees. If you have any trees of concern to you, trim their limbs. If the forecast calls for hail, make sure anything around your house that could get damaged is put away. Lastly, to keep pipes from freezing, run warm water through them during those freezing spells.

Although insurance may cover these common home insurance claims during winter, you should still take steps to avoid these issues. Frequent insurance claims can dramatically increase future insurance premiums. Additionally, you must also cover the deductible for any claims, so that’s money out of your pocket. By taking precautions, you can avoid claims and the cost and headaches that come with them.

Auto Insurance
Winter is a time to be careful on and off roads to prevent damage to your vehicle. If hail is in the forecast, protect your car with blankets. Snow tires are also a smart investment to ensure better traction in the snow. Remember to decrease your speeds when the weather is bad.

Don’t let your tank drop below half-full. This helps prevent gas line freeze-ups and provides peace of mind (and a running heater) if you get stuck in traffic or a storm. Whether you’re piling the family in the car to drive a few blocks or embarking on a long-haul road trip across several states, safe winter driving requires an extra bit of planning, prep and care. Following these tips will help you reach your destination safely.

These are only two of the most common insurance needed throughout the country. As the season takes a dip, you’ll need to be more aware of any issues. You can contact us for any help or any questions you may have. Remember to take it easy on the road!

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