We live in an age where Violence lives among us. Whether schools, business, worship, or community events, the threat of being part of an Active Shooter event requires preparation and training.

Did you know that OSHA requires Active Shooter planning as part of the Facility Emergency Plan? And your Insurance coverage may now exclude coverage for such situations?

How you and your organization can better prepare for a potential event – Planning and training are a critical part of surviving an active shooter/armed intruder attack. We recommend any size organization address these four critical planning and training steps to prepare for a potential event:

  1. Perform a Security Vulnerability Assessment, which looks at some key areas of exposure and risk.
  2. Create an active shooter response plan. Detailing specific actions in a response plan and sharing this response plan can help save the lives of your employees. Include an evacuation and communication strategy. Where should employees go if presented with an active shooter situation? How will you alert employees and law enforcement? These are all questions that should be answered in preparation of an active shooter event.
  3. Develop a Training Program consistent with your plan and tailored to your specific environment of care. Training should be both classroom and hands on and should include every employee from the newest through the administrator to the CEO. Provide a range of options and choices for occupants to make safe decisions in the shortest time possible.
  4. Plan for Recovery, which is a very critical, but often the most overlooked part, of a crisis event. Recovery may take days, weeks or months to happen. Plan for resources to help facilitate recovery for employees, customers, neighbors, and your physical facility damages.

Resources are available, but the steps to be properly documented, trained, and prepared are for the most part, left to the management team to decide and implement. Here at Advocate Consulting, we welcome organizations to connect with us. We will share our knowledge and programs to guide your journey to protect your business and employees.