Risk Management

We help businesses of all sizes with compliance and risk management issues.

Our consulting services include:

  • Business Emergency Preparedness/Business Continuity: according to the American Red Cross, 94% of small business owners believe an emergency will occur within the next two years, yet up to 40% of businesses don’t survive an emergency, with 80% going out of business if not back up in a month. We can help to ensure continuity through an emergency.
  • OSHA Compliance and WSE: inspection prep, site audits, OSHA follow-up management, and GHS program management.
  • Hazard Assessment Programs: Law Enforcement, Gas, Noise, Liquid, Chemical, and HazMat training.
  • Environmental and Air / Water Quality: Norovirus
  • Current Issues Training: Security and Violence in the workplace (what policies are written, what training has been done, and who is part of the first responder team.)
  • risk managementEmployee Protection Programs, Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, School Assessment Programs
  • “Guest” Employee Consulting
  • Monthly Inspection Services

We also provide ideas
that will help lower
your risk exposure.

Here are a few:

  • Safety Committee function and challenges.
  • PA L&I savings (earn 5% when your Safety Committee is certified.)
  • Free analysis of current WC rates and exposure.
  • Trainings – over 420 courses delivered in the delivery channel of your choosing.
  • OSHA compliance and regulation updates.



Want to improve your bottom line? Consider the following:

A growing number of initiatives and studies are embracing the idea that establishing a true culture of employee safety and wellness in the workplace is dependent on the integration of health protection and health promotion efforts. Leading experts in both the health and safety professional communities are building programs around the concept that health activities impact safety and safety activities impact health. While employers have made great strides in creating a safety culture in their employees, many theorize that they could be more powerful if integrated safety/health/wellness merge into a truly sustainable and integrated culture.

In an effort to better understand how the environment for integrating health and safety in the workplace, studies have demonstrated there is an economic factor that proves positive impact.


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